Erasmus Intensive Project 2009-2011
Scene from the opera "The adventures and misadventures of Mrs Björk". Edition Suecia
by: Catharina Dyrssen (red.), Anders Hultqvist, Staffan Mossenmark, Per Sjösten
Bo Ejeby förlag
A Paper/talk at inter.noise, New York, USA, 2012
by: Staffan Mossenmark
"Working in public spaces and using them as arenas for artistic expression is a way of exploring venues and stages that are distinct from those that are traditional and clearly defined as such.<br>What we call public space should be seen as a place for freedom of speech and free expression, based on the idea of the city as the citizens’ own veranda or patio, the square as the public stage and space for manifestation and demonstrations, or quite simply, free speech..."<br><br>This paper presents sound art projects, workshops such as Verona Risuona and Sound art in city spaces, Interdisciplinary Involvement and Community Spaces, where students from different artistic domains work with sound art in public spaces.
Catalyst For Creative Activity
by: By Catharina Dyrssen, Anders Hultqvist, Staffan Mossenmark, Per Sjösten, Björn Hellström
Two large sound installations, developed by transdisciplinary sound art and research group Urban Sound Institute, created a meeting place for one year of artistic and pedagogic activity in a Swedish regional museum. The project involved a historic sound archive, a string quartet, a local radio station, pedagogic workshops, several schools, children’s groups and musical education programs. The installations created a complexity of interior spaces, and acted as huge musical instruments to be ‘played’ by professional musicians, dancers and visitors. Through advanced computer programming and careful composition, modeling and distribution of sounds as words, narratives, music, space, bodily experiences and memory, the Sound Labyrinth allowed for great variations, durability over time, and different forms of interaction. The article describes the project, and discusses the exhibition as a platform for collective, multiple interaction; as an expanded musical-architectonic composition; and as a contribution to artistic research methodologies relevant for sound spaces within so-called sound- making disciplines.
"Post-Music" - composition for any instrument
by: Staffan Mossenmark, paintings by: Anita Gordh, text by: Thomas Tidholm
Composed 1993<br>(PDF 20Mb)
by: Bengt af Klintberg
This is the first detailed presentation, in swedish, of the international network of artists, composers and poets that is called 'Fluxus'. The book gives a peronal image of Fluxus and its divisions in Sweden and it is illustrated with unique letters and photos. The author of the book is the networks swedish outpost <em>Bengt af Klintberg</em> that participated in the legendary Fluxus concerts in the sixties. Editor: Rönnells Antikvariat
Magazine for literature, art and music
"Tenderloin - Mission" Piano:Staffan Mossenmark and Jörgen Svensson (CD singel 2 tracks. Artes 001) Editor: Artes
SoundArt - the swedish scene
by: Teddy Hultberg
Presentation of swedish sound art in book form and an attached cd. Editor: STIM/MIC
by: Jörgen Svensson
We - a documentation about counciling art/culture. With the book comes 3 cds; a recorded reading of the texta in the book by the swedish actor Christer Fant and a recording by the musical piece 'Vi' with the string quartett Flux.