During the Mossenmark Festival -96 the Mossenmark Sound Fund was established.
The purpose of the fund is to support and stimulate research and artistic work, who's ambition is to reach a grown vigilance around our mutual sound environment. The fund hands out a scholarship every year.


:: the Royal Musical Academy in Sweden

Mossenmark Sound Fund scholarship is awarded the Royal Musical Academy for their work with emphazising the Swedish sound landscape.

Through the publication, "Swedish sound landscapes - About hearing, noise and silence" and by putting down a sound manifest, the Royal Musical Academy has shown defects and qualities in our mutual sound room and there by provided the possibility of a discussion and gained awareness and mindfulness of our mutual resources: sound and silence..

The scholarship was handed out for the first time April 3 at Götaplatsen, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Henrik Karlsson from the Royal Musical Academy accept year 2000s scholarship from Staffan Mossenmark in form of a diploma and 100 SEK.