During the Mossenmark Festival -96 the Mossenmark Sound Fund was established.
The purpose of the fund is to support and stimulate research and artistic work, who's ambition is to reach a grown vigilance around our mutual sound environment. The fund hands out a scholarship every year.


:: to Gothenburgs Town Traffic Office and their so called low floor trams.

These trams has a high noise level, this combined with strong vibrations, that in motion makes a conversation or a pleasant ride hard to reach. Here function has gotten ahead of the acoustics and the noise that now hits the passengers is not consistent with consideration concerning our mutual sound environment.

Receiver of "Sound Polluter" obtain a framed box of earplugs.

Willy Nicklasson accepted 2003s "Sound Polluter" for Gothenburgs Town Traffic Office, at the award ceremony inside one of the criticized "low floor trams" in front of media.