During the Mossenmark Festival -96 the Mossenmark Sound Fund was established.
The purpose of the fund is to support and stimulate research and artistic work, who's ambition is to reach a grown vigilance around our mutual sound environment. The fund hands out a scholarship every year.


:: Restaurant Stage Door, Gothenburg

For the first time "Sound Silencer" is provided.
The award is provided a mutual sound environment were it has been respected that a good well thought through sound environment is of great importance.

Receiver of "Sound Silencer" obtain a framed floor protectors.

Staffan Mossenmark display the diploma for this years Sound Silencer that is provided to Restaurant Stage Door, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Year 2004s "Sound Silencer" was provided to Restaurant Stage Door, Gothenburg, Sweden.

During the traditional ceremony a new composed fanfare had its first performance.