During the Mossenmark Festival -96 the Mossenmark Sound Fund was established.
The purpose of the fund is to support and stimulate research and artistic work, who's ambition is to reach a grown vigilance around our mutual sound environment. The fund hands out a scholarship every year.


:: TV4

By breaking a screening of a movie with commercials, the artistic work is affected and threatened both visually and vocal.

By breaking in to a sound room and an atmosphere that has been created by composers and sound editors, by sending noisy loud commercials, these sounds trespass on the artistic work and in extension, also on the experience for the television viewers in their private sound room.

Due to the lack of consideration and insight TV4 is provided year 2004s Sound Polluter.

Receiver of "Sound Polluter" obtain a framed box of earplugs.

Reporter/photographer Fredrik Gustafsson was there to document the sound fund ceremony.

Same reporter/photographer also got to stand as the representative for TV4 and received the award.

During the traditional ceremony a new composed fanfare had its first performance.