During the Mossenmark Festival -96 the Mossenmark Sound Fund was established.
The purpose of the fund is to support and stimulate research and artistic work, who's ambition is to reach a grown vigilance around our mutual sound environment. The fund hands out a scholarship every year.


:: Swedish Television/SVT

SVT has shown in bad judgement due to the choices that has to be made to create good transitions between different items of a program, by letting jingles constantly be presented in these joints. These, by SVT chosen musical fragments, often "collide" with music from previous ended item of a programme, this creates a "sound zapping" of its worst kind, a sound collage composed without any thought.

SVT obtain a framed box of earplugs.

Claes Elfsberg, SVT-representative accepted the award.

Claes Elfsberg took the chance to give the audience a line to the motivation and ended with the hope: "- Maybe we will get another award at the next years ceremony"

All award receivers from left: Eva Glader, Claes Elfsberg, Lena Arthur and Jakob Andreasson

During the traditional ceremony a new composed fanfare had its first performance