:: Lights in Alingsås, 2005

During the festival Lights in Alingsås, 2005 Mossenmark and sound artist/programmer Fredric Bergström had a sound installation by the name, Old car searching for company.

Bergström & Mossenmark installed speakers and lights inside an ordinary car.
The car was then placed on a parking lot in the central parts of Alingsås,without any kind of advertisement about this unusual car.

The cars equipment was connected to a computor that controlled the sounds and lights.
The sound material was different car sounds, like big V8 engines, too big for this small Ford Escort.
An important choice was to choose an expression that could reach out to the general public, therefore the most communicative way of sound expressions was used: speech.
Different statements, thoughts and outbursts was recorded to create a car with a serious need of company.

Thanks to motion detectors the car reacted when someone passed it, aswell as if someone were to knock on a window, this through contact microphones.

The car soon became a popular excursion goal for both kids and adults in the city.
Sadly some people did not like the car and smashed it to pieces.

:: Build-up

:: Audience

:: Interaction via motion sensor

:: Damaged