:: Become the godfather of an artist!

In 1996 Mossenmark attended an exhibit at the "City Mall" in Stockholm, Sweden.
Mossenmarks contribution was passing out flyers to the shopping citizens of Stockholm.

On the flyer you could read about Mossenmark, his profession as a composer and artist, and the fact that he was not able to survive just by doing his art and was therefore searching for an economical godfather (see flyer below)

Hello, my name is Staffan Mossenmark and Im an artist/composer.
I am working as a composer and soundartist.
My music is played by international solists from all over the world.
In short: I'm an established artist. There is only one problem:

I can't survive on my incomes!

Therefore I offer YOU the opportunity to become my economical godfather.

Transfer an optional amount to bank giro: 5901-2278 and as a token of your support, you will get a godfather certificate by mail.
Know that even a small amount can make a big difference!
Label transfer form with "Become godfather!", and don't forget to write your name and address!

As a godfather your are of course welcome to contact me for a meeting or perhaps just at call.