Light design: Anders Regnér, Photo: Diroco

In 2001 Mossenmark composed a concert for 60 didgeridoo musicians who formed an orchestra in the company of percussion, drum & bass drums and as a solist, a coloratura soprano.
Together with spectacular lightings and a massive sound system this created a feeling of newly composed classical music and club music.

Conductor: Mattias Eklund

Percussion: Teddy Bergström
Drums: Johan Björklund
Vocals: Victoria Granlund
Didgeridoo orc.leader: Sten Cederqvist

Producer: Agneta Jergen
Commissioned by: Göteborg & Co.

Audience @ Götaplatsen, Göteborg, Photo: Kent Adeborn.

Concert in front of the Göteborg Art Museum, August 2001.