My dreams - Your dreams, the installation which was Mossenmarks contribution to the exhibition Artists Roomservice at the City Hotel Ritz in Gothenburg, 1996.

In a tape recorder placed in a hotelroom there was a tape with a recording of Mossenmark sleeping.
The lonely hotel guest could there by get the opportunity to start the tape and hear Mossenmark snore, as companionship at bedtime.

Other participating artists were: Leif Elggren, Ingela Bohm, Peter Uhr, Malin Lobell, Jörgen Svensson, Annika Eriksson, Elin Wikström, Lars Wulcan, Lena Danielsson, Stefan Linderoth, Maria Hallberg, Jan Håfström och Anita Gordh.

The exhibition was a part of the festival Network -96.

Idea: Peter Uhr
Production: Staffan Mossenmark