:: Sound installations at the Centre Culturel Suédois, Paris, 2006.


Sounds from nature had been processed and placed in new contexts in three installations revolving the theme "Sounds from nature" meets the existing "soundscape of the city."


During a summer month Centre Culturel Suédois was filled with sounds.
Here sounds created surprising rooms in the already existing environment.

The installations created a sustained sequence from the entry courtyard through the gallery and out to the garden.

By the entry/courtyard café there were a sounding nature - a swedish bathing place.
Inside the gallery sound formations that started as a white blur was transformed to nature/city sounds.
Here there were hundreds of speakers whose membranes was the only thing moving, breathing.

In the courtyard the locations already existing sounds was enhanced with sounds from our swedish forests; trees, birds, rain, wind and so on, with hidden speakers that gave the visitors big suprises.

Nature Vivante was created by Urban Sound Institute, USIT, a group containing, apart from Mossenmark, composer Anders Hultqvist, architect/sound designers Catharina Dyrssen and Björn Hellström aswell as acoustician Per Sjösten.

Urban Sound Institute