:: The Culture Night in Gothenburg 2007 had the theme HAIR.

Photos: Hannes Lagerlöf

This theme was the benchmark for the two composers Staffan Mossenmark and Anders Hultqvist.

The piece they composed was built on the sounds you usually hear at a barbershop and was composed for barbers, percussionists, a VJ and a laptop artist.

The first performance took place at the entrance staircase of the concert hall by Götaplatsen, Gothenburg.
The participating barbers created new hairdues for two models during the performance of the piece, at a total time of 20 minutes.
On location there were six percussionists who used the barbers usual tools, aswell as the traditional percussion.
Everything the barbers and percussionists played with - scissors, combs, hairdryers - had mics attached to them, and that sound was instantly remixed by laptop artist Fredric Bergström.
At the same time it was all shot with three cameras, and this was then instantly remixed by VJ Fredrik Olofsson.
This could then be seen at a big screen at the concert halls window.

As a finale the audience was surprised by a number of saxophonists playing wild free jazz at the staircase.