Clint Bagwell, one of the participating artists

In 1998 artist Jörgen Svensson and composer Staffan Mossenmark worked on a project called "A skilled and an unskilled". They wished to investigate if knowledge about ex. art or music means that a piece will become "better" and more interesting than if an uninformed where to make something on the same premise.

At 2nd Space Gallery in San Francisco Svensson and Mossenmark had a vernissage and concert with three artists from San Francisco. The theme was the Swedish Midsummer day.
Everyone contributed by drawing a large wall mural, although Mossenmark is no painter.

On the day of the vernissage Svensson and Mossenmark hade a piano concert together, although Svensson is no musician. The audience didn't have a clue of this, they only focused on the piece which was performed.

Who was skilled and who was unskilled suddenly wasn't so obvious.

From the opening night at 2nd Space Gallery in San Francisco