In 1997 Staffan Mossenmark, cellist Chrichan Larson and violinist Anna Lindal, interacted with the swedish dance band Thorleifs. By allowing music from different genres to meet, the piece AKT, a string duo by Mossenmark and the song "Gråt inga tårar" (Cry no tears), new music was created.
These two pieces was performed parallelly, against and with eachother.

The purpose was among other to investigate and try out the values people have about what's fine culture and what isn't. The sounding result was not the primary object, the music had a better use as an expression for different artforms and as a picture for different social hierarchies.

The idea was to let the music and its values meet on equal conditions, without pointers.

The collaboration was recorded like a music video by SVT2 (Swedish Television) and was aired in the swedish music program Musikspegeln, followed by discussions with two journalists of music from evening papers.