A musical get together, A section of Time. Music from 5 different genres from the end of the 40s up to 1953 and the piece "Party" by Rune Lindblad.

The sound installation contained 5 pieces, a cd player and 10 speakers.
The music was C. Parker, E. Presley, F. Sinatra, D. Sjostakovitjs and R. Lindblad.
From every pair of speakers a particular genre could be heard and all music had the same volume - everything got mixed together.
Here the audience could walk around inside a circle of speakers, and could there by choose how they wanted the music to get mixed.

Mossenmark wished to show the different forms of expressions which in the late 40s - early 50s, lived parallelly and where the genre and originator, all in some way made a claim to compose and play the "right" music.
These spread out musical expressions had, and still has, a big importance and high or low, nice or ugly, in the music industry was then and still is a completely irrelevant question, according to Mossenmark.
Unfortunately these oppositions still lives.
The humans need to show its status and "cultural" knowhow at the cultural ladder seems to be unlimited.

What a Party! was commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde and was a part of the soundart project "Krydsfeldt".