:: for 24 ice cream vans.

The titel Ozone Mossenmark thought pointed to the ice cream vans pollution of both sound environment aswell as the pollution, while selling their products. The pollution affects the ozone layer.
How much this affects is not something many people think of, all they want is their ice cream in the sunshine.

In august -93 the "ice cream van concert" had it's first performance at Götaplatsen, Gothenburg, Sweden.
The vans arrived in a cortege to the concert location, where they parked in a sun feather formation.
The drivers walked out of their vans and was traded by musicians, the piece was lead by conductor Anders Hultqvist who was raised up in a skylift.

The musicians started and turned off the ice cream vans melody, all as told in the composed score.
And as all the ice cream vans sounded together a new piece emerged.