:: Workshop at Vandalorum in Värnamo, Sweden, 2005.

Mossenmark led a workshop together with Toumo Haapala at Vandalorum in V?rmano, Sweden with the theme "From chair to chair".

It started with an outdoors concert with chairs and instruments.
These sounds where recorded and was later on the foundation for both grafic scores as well as drawings and constructions for the sounding chairs and objects.

Participating students came from HDK (School of Design and Crafts), the Designprogram at the University of Växjö, Chalmers technical university, the sound course at Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg and the Danish school of Design, Copenhagen.

Grafic score and constructions of sounding chairs and objects.

Indoor installation based on an outdoors concert.

Construction of the outdoor installation

One of the participants tries out the finished installation

Pictures of the outdoors concert/performance