Photo: Anders Jirås

During the opening night of year 2000's edition of the International Festival for Performing Arts of Gothenburg, the concert for bodybuilders - Iron - had its first performance.

20 something oiled up bodybuilders dressed in workwear and sunglasses, wandered down Kungsportsavenyn in Gothenburg, Sweden.
They trailed 6 meter long concrete steel, one in each hand. A sparkling metallic sound rich of overtones created a low-voice soundroom, in a night lit up by neon lights and pumped bodys.


Mattias Wernblom, Fredrik Olenborg, Freddy Rosberg, Torbjörn Philipsson, Joel Eriksson, Robert Larsson, Jan Fotmeyjer, Peter Lööf , Teddy Bergström, Pierre Rudolfsson,Pierre Rodell, Stefan Croona, Jonas Lindén, Jonas Kraenzmer, Tommy Juttula, Alex Nordström, Johan Ås, Lars Carlsson, Christoffer Wangson.